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Failproof Fundraising.

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Rows of Pillars

Whether you're a new nonprofit or one that's been around for decades, if you're struggling year after year to generate consistent fundraising income, your fundraising might have a faulty foundation. 

We've identified the steps your nonprofit must take to build a successful fundraising program.  Guaranteed.  We call it the Beacon Failproof Fundraising Foundation. 

Our Failproof Foundation service addresses the four areas critical to your nonprofit's fundraising success.  Sidestepping them simply won't yield the results you need to move your organization from surviving to thriving

Concrete Facade

Your organization needs our Failproof Fundraising Foundation if:

It's been around a while (just barely), but it's plagued with year-end shortfalls or income /expense gaps.

Each year it gets harder and harder to keep the doors open until the end of the year

You've achieved a measure of fundraising success, but you've now plateaued and can't seem to grow

You're a newly launched nonprofit, and you want to do it right by building a solid fundraising program from the outset

You're a new nonprofit unsure of how to get started with fundraising 

You're a newly launched nonprofit that's struggling to get started with fundraising

You're a nonprofit leader or board member whose dissatisfied with your organization's fundraising program (something's not working, but you can't put your finger on it ), and you want to improve it

Failproof Fundraising Foundation Service

Laying the Foundation for Success


Building Block One: Key Messaging

Laying a successful fundraising foundation involves developing or strengthening several vital areas of your nonprofit.  Messaging is a foundational piece of the storytelling, marketing, communications, and fundraising puzzle.  If a donor doesn’t clearly understand or isn’t compelled by your organization's message, he or she will not invest in you. In this phase, we will use our tools, experience, and expertise to help you build the key messages and suite of messaging products that will resonate with donors, moving them to give.

Building Block Two: Board Development

It all starts with your board.  Laying a successful fundraising foundation involves assembling a board that clearly understands its role and is passionate about your organization's mission.  Once you’ve established an effective board, keeping it engaged is critical.   In this phase, we will use our tools, experience, and expertise in working with nonprofit boards to help you get your existing board on the right track or recruit the kind of board that your nonprofit needs to thrive. 

Charting the Course


Strategic planning is the cornerstone of your nonprofit’s success. When done well, a good strategic plan ensures that everyone from your board to your leadership to your staff is on the same page about your nonprofit’s mission, vision, values, and, most importantly, its priorities.  We will use our tools and experience to take your organization through a full strategic planning process.  In the end, you will have the blueprint you need to define and maximize your organization's goals and impact and attract a loyal donor base. 

Building the Donor Base


To accomplish its mission, your nonprofit needs resources.  Donations are your lifeblood. Your donors are the heart of your organization. They will keep you alive and thriving.  In this phase, we will use our tools and expertise to help you build your donor base. 

Development Planning and Framework


As the saying goes, “to fail to plan is to plan to fail”. To fundraise successfully, you need a solid development plan and the right systems in place.  In this phase, we will use our tools, expertise, and experience to create a clear, actionable, and executable fundraising plan tailored to your organization’s specific needs.
Because we’ve guided you during this vital planning process, you can be sure you’ve addressed all key areas and that nothing is overlooked.

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