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The Beacon Advantage.

We take your fundraising to the next level through a scientific and process-based approach.

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our goal is simple: help you raise more money.


We focus on the science of fundraising. We use our understanding of that science to help your nonprofit develop a fundraising program that will provide the dependable income stream it needs to thrive.


Because our approach is systems and process-based, we guide you in building a comprehensive development program that moves your fundraising needle. With the Beacon advantage, nothing is overlooked, and money is never left on the table.

Fundraising is an art, but it is equally a science.  Your nonprofit must apply the science of fundraising to end the cycle of financial worry and achieve sustainability. There is no sidestepping it.  


At Beacon, we are experts in fundraising strategy and science, and we want to use our knowledge to help your nonprofit not just survive but thrive.


-   Dominique Martin,

    Beacon Founder

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Discover what we can do for you.

Our solutions are process-based but never cookie-cutter. 


We learn about your organization’s unique challenges and map out a plan that solves your specific fundraising issues.

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