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Donor Retention Essentials.

Keeping your donors giving.

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donor retention
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As a nonprofit leader, you know that donor attrition is one of the biggest threats to your fundraising. You must keep your donors giving to generate the sustained income stream that your organization can depend on to keep the doors open. 

Do you have the right plan or the infrastructure necessary to retain your supporters?  Nonprofit attrition rates hover at around 60%. This means that more than half of the donors that you work so hard to acquire are walking away from your organization.  Let us help you keep them in the fold.

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Donor Acknowledgement System Development


Appropriately acknowledging your donor’s gift is one of the most important parts of the fundraising process. It is necessary to keep your donors giving.  But it is often too easy to let the work of thanking and acknowledging donations be haphazard. When that happens, things fall through the cracks, and you will lose donors. 
Let us help you avoid the pitfalls that undermine your fundraising efforts. We will develop a robust Donor Acknowledgment System for your organization.  Whether you’re feeling scattered and looking to set up a process, or you just want to tighten up an existing protocol, we can help.

Donor Stewardship Strategy Development 


Does your nonprofit suffer from vanishing donor syndrome? Do your donors give, once only never to be heard from again? You might have a stewardship problem. We can help you solve it. We will develop a creative, outside-of-the-box, effective stewardship strategy for your organization that will keep your donors giving to your organization year-after-year.  

Blog Management & Content


We can boost the performance and effectiveness of your nonprofit’s blog.  Whether you need help with content and well-written, creative blog posts, or a full strategy to grow your readership and make your blog a powerful tool for your organization, we can help.

Communications Strategy Development


Is your donor base not growing? Your organization's approach to communications might be the reason. People give to the nonprofits that have fostered a relationship with them. A strong communications program is the basis of great relationship-building. 
We can help you develop a donor communications strategy that strengthens your relationship with your donors so that you can raise more money.

Development Communications Management 


Executing the kind of comprehensive communications strategy needed to raise serious money takes time - time your staff might not have.  Make us apart of your team.  We will manage your communications strategy to ensure that it remains effective and consistent.      

Back-of-House Services 


Are you a new nonprofit that doesn’t yet have the resources or donor base to hire full-time fundraising staff? Are you a small development shop whose fundraising team is overwhelmed? Our experienced fundraising professionals can support your organization with ad hoc back-of-house services.   Make us a part of your team when you need to.

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