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Direct Fundraising & Grant Writing.

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We're not just consultants.


We're seasoned fundraising professionals who've spent years in the trenches, so we can do more than just advise you.  We can help your organization in all aspects of its fundraising. 

Our direct fundraising services are designed for newly launched as well as small and medium nonprofits that lack the in-house expertise and staff to establish or grow an effective fundraising program.  Rather than learning on the job, which costs time, money, and leads to missteps and disappointing results, let us guide you.  We can help you get your fundraising program up and running quickly so that you start generating real dollars for your nonprofit and end the cycle of nonprofit financial worry. 

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Direct Fundraising.

Development Planning


To fundraise successfully, you need a solid development (fundraising) plan to guide your annual fundraising efforts.  We will use our tools, expertise, and experience to create a clear, actionable, and executable fundraising plan tailored to your organization’s specific needs. 

Individual Donor Program Development


80% of all philanthropic giving to nonprofit organizations comes from individual donors. Only 15 % comes from grants and 5% from corporate sponsorships.  This slicing means that if your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts consist primarily of applying for grants and seeking corporate event sponsorship, then you’re not tapping into the largest source of donor dollars – people.  Your nonprofit needs an individual donor program ASAP! But where do you begin? Let us get you started.  We can build a robust individual donor program for your organization so you can benefit from the whole philanthropic pie.    

Appeal Letter Drafting


Are you sure your appeal letters are raising as much as they can? Don’t leave money on the table. Let us use our fundraising copywriting skills, strategies, and experience to draft your next appeal letter for you.  It will take your fundraising to the next level.

Campaign Design


Was the performance of your last fundraising campaign less than stellar? Do you want to integrate campaign fundraising into your activities but don’t know how to get started?  We can help.  We will design a campaign strategy for your nonprofit that reaches more people and raises more money than you ever thought possible.  

Event Fundraising Management


As a nonprofit leader, you know that planning a fundraiser isn’t like planning an ordinary event. It’s not a wedding or a corporate mixer.  There are special considerations.  You need an event planner who understands that advancing your organization’s fundraising program is the number one goal of your event.  To meet that goal, your event must generate enough income to make it worthwhile, but it is equally important that it moves your donors closer to your organization’s mission and deepens their engagement. Doing this is the only way to keep the gifts coming in long after the party’s over.  Our team knows how to meet that goal.  Let us use our proven process and experience to help you raise more money at your next fundraising event.  

Major Gift Officer (MGO) Services


Do the needs of your organization’s major gifts program exceed the capacity of your existing staff? Do you need someone to give consistent attention to the work necessary to grow your major gifts program?  Our experienced fundraising professionals are trained to work with major gifts and major donors.  They can support your team with ad hoc major gift officer services.   Make us a part of your team when you need to!

Campaign Design


Consider this a “health check-up” for your organization’s fundraising program. 

We recommend conducting a development audit:

  • Before launching a capital campaign or strategic planning process

  • When you need to find new funding sources

  • If you finished the year with a budget deficit 

  • If you are dissatisfied with your organizations current fundraising results

Our development audit can help you get on the right track. 

Grants Strategy & Writing.

Grants Strategy 


Do you want to increase the level of funding your organization receives from grants? Building a grants program involves more than just churning out proposal after proposal.  If most of your grant proposals end in rejection or you’re not accessing as much grant funding as you’d like, you need a grants strategy. We can give you one. 

Grant Writing


Once we’ve helped you develop a solid strategy, we’ll work with you to write compelling grant proposals that get approved! Or if you just need a professional writer to draft a proposal that gets noticed, we can do that too.

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