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Board Development & Training.

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An effective board is the most powerful fundraising tool that a nonprofit organization can have. Is your board effective?  Is it built for fundraising? Are your board members engaged and passionate about your organization and mission?

If your answer to any or all of those questions is “no”, then you may have identified the root of many of your fundraising challenges.  But we can help.
We can help you make your board more effective by designing a support and training program customized to your board’s needs.  Our board strengthening services touch on several key areas.

Business Plan

Board Training & Facilitation


Take your nonprofit’s leadership to the next level with our customized training sessions. 

We can:

  • Increase your board’s fundraising IQ

  • Remove fundraising hesitancy or avoidance

  • Improve governance

  • Facilitate board meeting and retreats


Tell us the issues you’ve identified, or let us conduct an assessment to get to the root of the challenges. Then we’ll provide you with a tailored solution.

Board Engagement


You need a creative and comprehensive strategy to get and keep your board members engaged.  Let us design one for you.

Board Recruitment


Making sure you have the right people on board is critical to your nonprofits’ success.  

Do you have the framework in place to attract and keep the right people on your board? We can create that framework to keep your board strong.  

Phone Call


Send us an email and let's chat!

Business Conference


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